Talks Jeannie gives

“My passion is to set the captives free and to enable others to do likewise.”

Talks for Seminars, Conferences and Church Weekends including Teaching/Equipping and Workshops

All the following are followed by prayer ministry or involve equipping/anointing by the Holy Spirit. The workshops involve everyone practising and are interactive.

  • My Testimony
  • Being Supernaturally Natural
  • Praying for People so That Stuff Happens (as a one off or as 3 talks) – including workshop
  • Prophecy including prophecy workshop
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Encounter The Holy Spirit – including workshop 
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit – including workshop 
  • Physical and Emotional Healing – including workshop 
  • Inner Healing- 4 talks including prayer ministry 
  • Facing Our Losses, 
  • Barriers to Inner Healing, 
  • I Had Emotionally Absent Parents, 
  • Help! Who Am I? 
  • Help! I feel Lonely
  • Healing instead of hurting
  • Creative Journey (a reflective interactive workshop as part of an inner healing day)

Church Weekends: 

  • Prayer Ministry Training and Equipping : 4 Talks including workshops 
  • Prayer Ministry Equipping Going Deeper: 4 talks including workshops 
  • Pastoral Prayer Ministry Training and Equipping : 4-8 talks