Our Hands, His Healing  

This is a "How to...book" and follows on from my previous book 'Encounter The Holy Spirit'. It falls into three parts: getting started in prayer ministry; ministering healing from past hurts; pastoral prayer ministry ( extended times of prayer over 4-6 sessions). It includes 'spiritual tools' that can be used, not in a formulaic way, but rather as an available resource, as and when the Holy Spirit prompts. Throughout the book the reader is encouraged not to rely on what they know, but to be led by the Holy Spirit. There are also scriptures, biblical references and stories, plus illustrations of healing during prayer ministry. The tone is very practical, and deals with a range of knotty problems. The sections on pastoral prayer ministry also include worksheets and exercises for the person coming to receive prayer. Chapters include a whole range of subjects such as vows, deliverance, belief systems, releasing suppressed anger and grieving a loss. Includes practical guidelines and bullet points as well as a couple of chapters for leaders. It is suitable for training others in prayer ministry.

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Encounter the Holy Spirit

This book is written for new and young Christians as well as for those who are mature Christians to provide simple steps in how to receive, use, and develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Its simple, easy-to-follow format encourages readers to engage with the Holy Spirit through prayers and exercises. The last chapter is entitled 'Getting Started in Prayer Ministry.'

Let the Healing Begin

Many of us have been hurt by events in our lives, hearts can be broken; feelings of guilt or shame can haunt us. The good news is that Jesus can give us now what we didn't have in the past, so that we can go on with him in the future. This book contains some of my story and journey of healing plus stories of those that I have ministered to who have received some freedom and healing from Jesus. Throughout every chapter there are prayers plus at the end of each chapter there are some exercises. As well as biblical stories there are scriptures that encourage healing and wholeness.

But healing isn't only about receiving. When the broken are made whole they can become channels of God's healing love for others.